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New Day! New Church! New Hope!


New Hope is committed to a vision of the Gospel that is compassionate, caring, and most of all, hopeful. We are a community of believers who do not have all the answers, but seek to bring our joys, doubts, and struggles before God in worship and in service. We seek to be a welcoming community for individuals who deeply desire to share in the exciting journey we call discipleship. We are a praying community that daily seeks to be in fellowship with the one who came that we may have life abundant— Christ Jesus, Our Lord.


New Hope Presbyterian Church of Lexington, North Carolina is a new church formed from the former congregations of Fairmont and Second Presbyterian Church.  It was a leap of faith by the members of these two congregations to embrace a future of hope even while they honored and celebrated their past. It was and still is a joyful, scary, exciting, and uncertain step forward, trusting that God is working with us and through us. It arose out of a deep desire to not simply slip into history and be remembered, but to embrace the present with a vision and a  mission.  


New Hope Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church USA.  For over 200 years, Presbyterians have been responding to the call of Jesus Christ, taking the gospel into all the world and bearing witness to Christ’s saving love to the ends of the earth. Today the Holy Spirit is still on the move, calling us to share in what God is doing in the world.  New Hope is excited to be part of that mission.

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We are a loving community of faith that seeks to embrace spiritual depth, compassionate service, and joyful fellowship. We proclaim Jesus Christ as the source of our hope both for this life and the life to come. 

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